Valentines Day 2016

Well Valentines Day is here again. So what are you going to do to make your partner happy?

Flowers again? Spend a ton of money on some rocks that to nothing else but look pretty? Chocolates and other Junk Food?

Why not spend some money on something that you can use…. is a ton of fun… helps build better relationships… and burns some calories! Yes! A SEX SWING!

Well of course you know I was going to promote sex swings because that is what this site does. But here is the important part. I have tracked down the information you need to get a good purchase this year.

First up is – They are running a Valentines Day special where you can get 15% of any order using the promo code “vday2016”. This combined with FREE worldwide discreet shipping makes a great deal.

SexSwing.Com is also getting in on the V-Day specials. They are offering sales on some popular items including the Trinity Sex Swing, The Leather Web Sling, and the Screamer Stand, Dual Hook and Squatting attachments.

Additionally, is running a special that gets you a free headrest with ANY sex swing purchase. Trust me, this is worth it. You might save $2 buying your swing on Amazon or Adam and Eve, but when you get it, you are going to be sorry you did not get the free headrest.

State of The Sex Swing Market

There is a lot of changes going on in the sex swing market now and into the future. While the sex swing market is usually a very slow moving industry that does not change a lot over decades, we are trying to change that.

So far this year, there have been a couple significant changes to the market already.

To start the year out, has become SexSwing.Com. I talked to Abby and she was very excited about this change. While it seems like a minor change, the acquisition of SexSwing.Com shows how big the leading sex swing company on the internet has become. was also purchased by SexSwing.Com. has been a manufacture of swings for nearly 20 years and has a long history of providing unique swings that are made of high quality materials and maximize cumfort. So be looking for the launch of the new coming the summer of 2016.

Bondage swings are a very popular option, but have noticed supply issues over the last several months and as a result many retailers have stop carrying these swings all together. Looking forward, hopefully these distribution issues will be resolved, but if not, I have heard whispers of some other manufactures looking to add their own bondage swing.

Lastly, this year has seen the launch of, and These sites are each designed to give more complete tips and information about their respective brands they represent.

I’m Back!

Wow it has been a long time since I have posted on this blog. Time flies.

There is a lot of excitement going on in the world of sex swings.

First off, I have been really wanting to use the Screamer Sex Swing outdoors. So with the removable straps or the dual hook option, you have the option of mounting the swing many different ways. They also have a over the beam mount strap that is used in things like cabins where there are exposed beams that you can hang your swing from.

So this got me thinking. why not hang the swing from a tree and have sex all primitive and tribal. I am having no luck with this. Despite my many attempts and excuses, my wife says no to that one. Something about the bugs….. whatever.

I told her, that makes no sense, how did people survive and reproduce for thousands of years before housing. Oh, and animals, you don’t see bear waiting do be indoors to reproduce. They find a good spot in the woods and go for it…. No luck.

Now as winter approaches, I think my chances are starting to run out. Maybe next year.

In other news, there is one brand of swing I have been trying to get my hands on for years. They never have wholesale policies or can not supply the quantities needed. Well now we have them. We are in the process of just buying the whole company so we can manufacture them the way we want and sell them where we want.

I am not going to tell the brand yet, but look for it in the next 3-5 months. We have a lot of work ahead of us redesigning the product, photo shoots, web design and more. It is a big project, but it will be well worth it for the swing lovers in the world.

If you are a guy and you read this, I have a special deal for you. Get your wife to call Screamer Sex Swings and have her tell them she agrees to have sex in the woods but she just needs a swing and I will make sure you can get $50 off your sex swing plus a free beam mount kit to hang it up. Of course this deal can not last forever, but I will make sure it last at least until summer of 2016 since winter is coming.

Sex Swing Reviews on YouTube

Here is a playlist of all the sex swing reviews on YouTube done by Abby. If there is a swing you are considering that is not on the review list, let her know and she will be sure to get one posted as soon as possible.

Sex Swing Reviews

Single or Dual Hook Sex Swing?

One of the most common questions that I get when helping people to purchase a sex swing is if they should go with a single hook or dual hook sex swing.

Now for me, a dual hook is the only way to go. Yeah, you need to install 2 hooks instead of 1, but the benefits are many. So in my mind it is worth it.

Here is an article written by another blogger that might help you understand someone of the differences.

Be Selective in Selecting a Sex Swing  by A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind

Choosing a sex swing
A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind guide to selecting a sex swing


Creative Swing Mounting Ideas

The biggest challenge most people have with sex swings is where to mount them. For some people they do not have a place to install them and for others they are worried about people seeing a hook in their ceiling. Well there are a few things you can do to get around this. There are many ideas, but here I want to save just a couple cool ideas using attachments available from Screamer.

Recently Screamer has come out with 2 unique mounting addons. They are not sold with the sex swings, but for a couple bucks can be added to give you some cool options. These will work with Screamer and Whipsmart brand swings because the straps can be removed from the mounting hardware or crossbar.

First up is the door mount kit. The kit can be used to make your swing into a door swing if you want to travel with it, but more importantly it can be used to create a mounting system for your hallway. If you have 2 doors directly across from each other in your house, you can use this mounting kit to attach one side of the swing to the top of each door. If you have only one door, you can always put an eye hook on the opposite wall and hide it by hanging some art.

The other cool feature is an exposed beam mount. Not everyone has exposed beams, but if you have some type of vaulted ceiling with beams exposed, you can put the beam straps over the beam and mount your swing to them. The beam straps help prevent damage to your beams however I would still use a towel or something if you have finished wood beams.

I have not personally used either one of these, but I do have a friend with a rustic cabin that has used the beam mounting system and it works great. Hope this helps!

Selling on Swings on Ebay

Well I have decided to start selling my swings on Ebay. I choose to do this because I really wanted to start selling bundled items and that is something that does not work so well on a traditional e-commerce site. So I though doing it there may be a little fun. You never know what I am going to post on there. But here are a couple potential examples.

Screamer Complete – Swing stand, dual hook swing, headrest and squatting attachment
Bondage Beginners – Swing stand, handcuffs, spreaderbar, blingfold, whip/ticklers
Breakup Kit – Sling stand, sling, solo bar, squatting attachment and a dildo.
Basic Kit – Dual Hook Swing and a headrest.

So by bundling things together on Ebay, I think we can do this and have some great prices and some fun as well. If you want to watch my ebay store, you can find it here Ebay Sex Swing Store.

Sex Secrets

I was really quiet last night and thought my parents did not know what I was doing… that was until the dog showed up in the kitchen this morning. BUSTED
Caught After Sex

4 inches is enough for this woman!!!

That is right, all I need is 4 inches. LOL

I have tried out a few different swings and I can tell you for sure that the 4 inch webbing on the Screamer Sex Swings makes a world of difference. I was not sure how much of a difference it could really make at first. After all, all the swings have lots of foam or padding. Well 2 inches is nothing compared to 4 inches when it comes to a sex swing.

You can check it out here. This is a higher end swing and not no knock off piece of shit you get imported from China. This is the real deal!

Screamer Swingsex swing  with 4 inch webbing