Selling on Swings on Ebay

Well I have decided to start selling my swings on Ebay. I choose to do this because I really wanted to start selling bundled items and that is something that does not work so well on a traditional e-commerce site. So I though doing it there may be a little fun. You never know what I am going to post on there. But here are a couple potential examples.

Screamer Complete – Swing stand, dual hook swing, headrest and squatting attachment
Bondage Beginners – Swing stand, handcuffs, spreaderbar, blingfold, whip/ticklers
Breakup Kit – Sling stand, sling, solo bar, squatting attachment and a dildo.
Basic Kit – Dual Hook Swing and a headrest.

So by bundling things together on Ebay, I think we can do this and have some great prices and some fun as well. If you want to watch my ebay store, you can find it here Ebay Sex Swing Store.

Sex Secrets

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Caught After Sex

4 inches is enough for this woman!!!

That is right, all I need is 4 inches. LOL

I have tried out a few different swings and I can tell you for sure that the 4 inch webbing on the Screamer Sex Swings makes a world of difference. I was not sure how much of a difference it could really make at first. After all, all the swings have lots of foam or padding. Well 2 inches is nothing compared to 4 inches when it comes to a sex swing.

You can check it out here. This is a higher end swing and not no knock off piece of shit you get imported from China. This is the real deal!

Screamer Swingsex swing  with 4 inch webbing

Comfort is Key To Getting Most From Your Swing

There are a lot of people that buy a sex swing, use it once or twice and then never use it again. The most common reason is that a lot of them hurt to use.

There are a couple main reasons for this. First is narrow straps. The narrower the straps, the more pressure on your body. A swing with good wide straps like the Whip Smart Pleasure Swing or the Screamer Brand Swings will help with this a lot.

The other common problem is that sex swings can be narrow. If you are a girl with hips or curves, this can be a problem. While the Whip Smart is great on padding, it is the narrowest swing on the market and that can cause some problems.

If you want a really wide swing or to control how wide it is, a dual hook sex swing may be what you are looking for.

Oh – and as a side note, it add comfort to any swing, purchase the add on headrest available here

I am hiring!

I have been very worried about the economy lately and I wanted to do my part. I have been struggling to figure out what I can do. Then today I saw this post on Google and it occurred to me that I could help the economy grow by getting some help. I have several positions available!

Positions Available

Welcome to the new

I decided I wanted to start a blog to share my thoughts on pretty much everything sex. So often I see a news story on CNN or something and it just makes me so made and I have so much to say. Well this blog will give me a place to share my thoughts. I hope you enjoy.