Creative Swing Mounting Ideas

The biggest challenge most people have with sex swings is where to mount them. For some people they do not have a place to install them and for others they are worried about people seeing a hook in their ceiling. Well there are a few things you can do to get around this. There are many ideas, but here I want to save just a couple cool ideas using attachments available from Screamer.

Recently Screamer has come out with 2 unique mounting addons. They are not sold with the sex swings, but for a couple bucks can be added to give you some cool options. These will work with Screamer and Whipsmart brand swings because the straps can be removed from the mounting hardware or crossbar.

First up is the door mount kit. The kit can be used to make your swing into a door swing if you want to travel with it, but more importantly it can be used to create a mounting system for your hallway. If you have 2 doors directly across from each other in your house, you can use this mounting kit to attach one side of the swing to the top of each door. If you have only one door, you can always put an eye hook on the opposite wall and hide it by hanging some art.

The other cool feature is an exposed beam mount. Not everyone has exposed beams, but if you have some type of vaulted ceiling with beams exposed, you can put the beam straps over the beam and mount your swing to them. The beam straps help prevent damage to your beams however I would still use a towel or something if you have finished wood beams.

I have not personally used either one of these, but I do have a friend with a rustic cabin that has used the beam mounting system and it works great. Hope this helps!

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