Selling on Swings on Ebay

Well I have decided to start selling my swings on Ebay. I choose to do this because I really wanted to start selling bundled items and that is something that does not work so well on a traditional e-commerce site. So I though doing it there may be a little fun. You never know what I am going to post on there. But here are a couple potential examples.

Screamer Complete – Swing stand, dual hook swing, headrest and squatting attachment
Bondage Beginners – Swing stand, handcuffs, spreaderbar, blingfold, whip/ticklers
Breakup Kit – Sling stand, sling, solo bar, squatting attachment and a dildo.
Basic Kit – Dual Hook Swing and a headrest.

So by bundling things together on Ebay, I think we can do this and have some great prices and some fun as well. If you want to watch my ebay store, you can find it here Ebay Sex Swing Store.

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