State of The Sex Swing Market

There is a lot of changes going on in the sex swing market now and into the future. While the sex swing market is usually a very slow moving industry that does not change a lot over decades, we are trying to change that.

So far this year, there have been a couple significant changes to the market already.

To start the year out, has become SexSwing.Com. I talked to Abby and she was very excited about this change. While it seems like a minor change, the acquisition of SexSwing.Com shows how big the leading sex swing company on the internet has become. was also purchased by SexSwing.Com. has been a manufacture of swings for nearly 20 years and has a long history of providing unique swings that are made of high quality materials and maximize cumfort. So be looking for the launch of the new coming the summer of 2016.

Bondage swings are a very popular option, but have noticed supply issues over the last several months and as a result many retailers have stop carrying these swings all together. Looking forward, hopefully these distribution issues will be resolved, but if not, I have heard whispers of some other manufactures looking to add their own bondage swing.

Lastly, this year has seen the launch of, and These sites are each designed to give more complete tips and information about their respective brands they represent.

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