Valentines Day 2016

Well Valentines Day is here again. So what are you going to do to make your partner happy?

Flowers again? Spend a ton of money on some rocks that to nothing else but look pretty? Chocolates and other Junk Food?

Why not spend some money on something that you can use…. is a ton of fun… helps build better relationships… and burns some calories! Yes! A SEX SWING!

Well of course you know I was going to promote sex swings because that is what this site does. But here is the important part. I have tracked down the information you need to get a good purchase this year.

First up is – They are running a Valentines Day special where you can get 15% of any order using the promo code “vday2016”. This combined with FREE worldwide discreet shipping makes a great deal.

SexSwing.Com is also getting in on the V-Day specials. They are offering sales on some popular items including the Trinity Sex Swing, The Leather Web Sling, and the Screamer Stand, Dual Hook and Squatting attachments.

Additionally, is running a special that gets you a free headrest with ANY sex swing purchase. Trust me, this is worth it. You might save $2 buying your swing on Amazon or Adam and Eve, but when you get it, you are going to be sorry you did not get the free headrest.

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